Located in the heart of the AOP Languedoc vineyards, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Haut Languedoc Natural Park, the domain “Les Trois Puechs” was created in 2010 by Jacques and Lydie COUDERC. The exploitation extends on three communes which are GABIAN, FOUZILHON and MAGALAS. Clément and Vivian, son of Lydie and Jacques have now joined the domain. The word “Puech” comes from Occitan and means hill or hillside. The estate “Les Trois Puechs” is located in the village of FOUZILHON and has 50% of its vineyard, which comprises a total of 25 hectares. “Les Trois Puechs” thus indicates three adjoining hillsides, called Puech Noyé, Puech de la Masse and Puech Pétou. The last one being 209 m high.